Canon 18-135mm Lens


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Canon 18-135mm Lens

Canon 18-135mm Lens

Canon 18-135mm Lens is an all-purpose 18-135mm zoom lens with STM technology. STM provides smooth quiet autofocusing for movies, and Dynamic Image Stabilizer reduces vibrations in video footage.

The perfect multi-function zoom lens to keep in your kit.

Whether it’s a wide-angle for landscapes or a telephoto for sports, the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM delivers on every scenario.

Image Stabilizer (IS)

Ideal for low light conditions when a tripod can’t be used, the IS system allows shutter speeds up to 4 stops slower without causing image blur.

Discover the beauty of creative blur

Put a new and beautiful spin on your shots using the six-blade circular aperture to blur backgrounds.

Get excellent colour balance with Super Spectra coatings

Say goodbye to flare and ghosting and ensure excellent colour balance and contrast with Canon’s Super Spectra lens coating.


  • Versatile 18-135mm zoom range – perfect for travel.
  • Smooth, quiet STM focusing when shooting movies on compatible cameras.
  • Dynamic Image Stabilizer for smooth movie footage.
  • Fast autofocus with full-time manual override.
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.39m

Versatile and powerful zoom

A compact, versatile lens suited to a variety of subjects and ideal for travel photography. A 18-135mm zoom range offers the same angle of view as a 29-216mm lens on a full-frame camera.

Shoot with AF in movies using STM technology

Movie Servo AF uses STM stepping-motor technology for smooth quiet focusing when shooting video with compatible cameras.

Image Stabilizer for shooting movies and stills

Dynamic Image Stabilizer technology smoothes out vibrations and camera movements when shooting video. Image Stabilizer technology allows hand-held photography in low light without using flash or a tripod. Shutter speeds up to four stops longer than normal may be used without blur from camera shake.

High-speed autofocus

Fast autofocus locks onto subjects quickly and accurately. Full-time manual override is available without changing focus mode.

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Canon 18-135mm Lens

Canon 18-135mm Lens


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