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Office point Laminator A3

The Office Point A3 Laminator Machine, is convenient for you and your family, and can also be given as a special gift to your friends and family.

Office point Laminator A3 Description

Office point A3 Laminator memory will disappear, and photos will be mottled, so you and your friends bought laminating machines from different manufacturers, you chose us, then when your friends were still studying the instructions, you plastic-coated the first photo. You are young and busy at work, so you have to use your sleep time to work with these photos.

After sleeping well all night, in the morning, you walk to the side of the laminating machine and see a thick stack of processed photos. The top ones are still slightly warm. That stack of photos is your memory, from your childhood to now, from the family photo to the photo taken at a friend’s party, how can you forget? Later, you bought a house and wanted to use these memories to decorate one of the walls at home. Then you went to the laminating machine to cut the photos and make personalized treatments.

Soon, the whole wall would be full of your precious memories, warm and orderly managed by you. When you grow old, you will take out the photos, which will still be fresh and alive, and tell the children the stories of the past. laminating machine price

Technical Specifications:

Office point Laminator A3, Maximum Width: 330mm Ready Time: 3-5 minutes

Pouch Thickness: 160(2 x 80)-250(2 x 125)mic<0.5mm

Laminating Speed: 250mm/min Power consumption:365W

Heating System: 2 roller system(supported by both thermal and cold laminating works)

Paper Jam Prevention: jam release button

Switches: ON/OFF

Laminator machine Price Nairobi include Dimensions: 422x 160x 99mm Item weight :4.96Ib

Product Dimensions:16.54*5.71*3.15inch

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Officepoints A3 LAMINATOR


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