Ways To Make Your Laptop Faster

6 Sure Ways To Make Your Laptop Faster

Speed is important when using a laptop. The faster the laptop, the faster you get your tasks done. A slow laptop makes working harder and wastes time. Even though your laptop might have been fast when it was new, it might become slow over time. If your laptop has become slow and you are not yet ready to buy a new one, here are several hacks to try to make it faster.

How to make your laptop faster

  1. Install a Solid State Drive

One of the best ways to make your computer faster is to install a Solid State Drive, otherwise known as an SSD. For laptops that have a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) an SSD will greatly improve speed. This is because SSDs deliver faster load time, faster performance and are more durable. In addition, they require less power and therefore improve battery life. This makes laptops with SSDs better and faster. A computer expert will be able to advice if you can have both the SSD and the HDD on your laptop, or if you will need to replace the HDD for an SSD.

  1. Adding more RAM

Computer RAM

Your laptop’s RAM determines its response time. If you have more RAM capacity, your computer will be more responsive compared to one with less capacity. Those who run multiple programs at once on the computer, need a high RAM capacity to improve speed. A RAM upgrade will also improve browsing speed and gaming.

  1. Uninstalling unused programs

Unused programs slow down your laptop by taking up space, using memory and running background processes. One way to make your laptop faster is by uninstalling all programs that you have not used in a while.

  1. Deleting temporary files

Ways To Make Your Laptop Faster


Temporary files are created on your computer once you visit sites on the internet. They remain there even after you have exited these sites. Deleting them can help speed up your computer. Run a disk clean up using a shortcut by clicking Windows and R, and selecting %temp% to delete them.

  1. Installing Windows updates

Uninstalled windows updates can also slow down your computer. Updates fix issues that slow down your computer. Updating your Windows will make it faster.

  1. An external drive will make your laptop faster

To keep your computer at a good speed, you should have at least 15% of the hard disk space free. Once you notice that space is used up, adding an external drive where you save some of your work will make your laptop faster.

Do not let a slow computer ruin your day. These hacks are a sure way to make your laptop faster. Try them and see a big difference in your laptop’s speed.

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